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I'm only just up to Vixtory Road, but I was just wondering, I've found the Battle Subway, but that's it.
Are there any other places other than that?
I'd like to know where they are, or if they are in those two or three cities past the Victory Road I'd like to check out.
If so, are all the Battle facilities spread out everywhere or was the Battle Subway the only exception?
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Besides the Battle Subway, there is only the Battle Insitute in Nimbasa City near the Pokemon Center.

You have to finish the game first.
:D thanks for helpin
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No,there is only the battle subway,but if you like quizes there is a house in Iricius City that does random question every day and gives you items like antidotes and that kinda stuff,and then theres the ppl in front of the ferris wheel in Nimbasa City.

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Well, other than that you can go to Undella town, and to the far left there's a boy standing outside, talk to him and he'll battle you. But if you come back every day one person will be added on to the list of people you have to battle. It's confusing but just go talk to the boy, then come back the next day and do it again. They all have level 60's, and they give you $12000.

Make sure your lead guy has the Luck Incense or the Amulet Coin on too. You can make some serious Poke'dough from the Riches.