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I have two Scythers from breeding. Both are Adamant with Technician.

Scyther 1 is level 39 with no EVs (experience from being in the day care) and has perfect IVs in HP, Attack, Defense, and Special Defense.

Scyther 2 is level 1, no EVs, with perfect IVs in HP, Attack, and Speed.

Which one should I choose?

You can't tell the IVs of a newborn Pokemon. (Unless, of course, you hacked.)
I forgot to mention that I will be evolving it into a Scizor, which benefits from extra bulk, but also speed.
@Galactic Lucario of course you can. Just ask the Ace Trainer in the Battle Subway Station.
Scizor Is slower than Scyther because of its Metal Armor -.-
Doesn't mean they're perfect, still.
♠Galactic Lucario♠
If the IV is perfect, that judge says "it can't be better"
So you CAN find out
I know that they are right, GL. Don't start arguing, at all of you.

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I disagree with each of the other answer's reasons. I would personally go with Scyther 2, because a fast Scyther with Technician is boss. Scyther was born to be fast and furious. Don't waste your IVs on Def and SDef.
However, when you come down to it, this is a matter of opinion. Your choice, really. But I myself would go with Scyther 2.

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i know right?
You know scizor is MUCH boss than scyther, right?
I mean, scizor is the OU of OU, and it doesn't need much speed investment.
That's why I said the 2nd one is better
scyther can be as well with eviolite
Not really...
It will just get OHKOed
Eviolite is more for chansey, porygon2 and dusclops
and compare scizor's typings with scyther's
Scizor also has better moveset, especially its bullet punch
I was assuming this guy would evolve it.
I forgot to mention that I will be evolving it into a Scizor, which benefits from extra bulk, but also speed.
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There, see?
But giving Scizor speed is more like wasting
Scizor might live a little longer with better bulk, but may be able to outspeed important opponents with the extra speed.
Scizor has powerful priority, which compensates for his Speed. He also has a way better typing than Scyther, who loses 50% of his total HP on SR, which makes you need a Spinner, thus wasting a teamslot.
Scizor might live a "little" longer
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1st one.
Evolve it to Scizor
Scizor is just pure AWESOME
it doesn't need much (or any) speed investments
Put as much as attack and bulk as possible

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You should choose the 2nd scyther cause its at level one. you still have a lot of time to do what you want to do with it