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Hm, I'm confuse with status base point. Once Pokemon evoles they will get stronger or increase their status base point, right? but why doesn't Scyther increase its status point when it evoles to Scizor? (its status point is still 500 total)

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I can explain it mathematically for you. This is the formula for calculating base stats (except HP)

Stat={[((IV+(2* base Stat)+(EVs/4)*Level)/100]+5}Xnature

When Scyther evolves, his IVs, and nature stay the same, but his base stats change. So because that number is higher, that stat goes up when he evovles into scizor. However, because Scizor has lower speed than scyther, then his speed will go down a little bit.

Hm, it's a little confuse but anyway thanks a lot. I got it clewarly :).
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Yes, most pokemon increase their stats when evolving from one pokemon to another. Scizor is a little different - its Attack and Defense increase but Speed decreases.

I like to think of Scyther->Scizor as a sideways evolution rather than upwards, almost like a forme change (except you can't change back).

Shedinja's stats also go down when evolving from Nincada (although you get Ninjask too).

Oh, thank you so much. I got it now :). However Which one do you prefer then?(scyther or scizor)
I personally LOVED Scizor from gen 2-5, because its only one weakness and so many resistances