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I want a shiny Oshawott. (Soft Reset better not be the only way to get a shiny...) I have a Japanese Samurott that I recieved off GTS, but it's a male. I was told by friends that if I breed with a Ditto that the Masuda effect will be negated. I certainly hope you guys can prove them (or me) wrong.....

I caught the aforementioned Ditto myself, FYI.

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As long as the two Pokemon are of foreign language it should work. it WILL NOT be negated.

What I meant when I said "two Pokemon are of foreign language" I meant to each other. Like the Japanese Samurott and a American Ditto.

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Wait, the TWO!? Oh, lord.....
you only need one pokemon of foreign language lol he means foreign language from each other so you really just need like a spanish ditto or something and you can breed it to any pokes you have in game because they are not of the same nationality
Sorry i was unclear about that ill edit