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You have to go to lavander town and have your Radio card upgraded. (To do this, get the machine part from the Cerulean City gym and return it to the power plant, then talk to the director of the Lavender Radio Tower.) Once you have the upgrade, go in front of the sleeping snorlax and choose the pokeflute song. Once you do that the battle with Snorlax will begin. His moveset is as follows:

Level 50, Item: Leftovers





Giga Impact

I recommend Ultra Balls or Heavy Balls if you can get them. If you accidentally knock him out, just rematch the elite 4 and he'll come back.
After you battle him, you can go through the Diglett's cave and head out to Pewter City.

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This was edited months ago, keep that in mind... it just said 6th gym at the time. I've already fixed the answer. Plus, you can get the Kanto badges in almost any order, so the question would have had to say which one specifically, which it didn't.
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Go to Lavender Town and get the extra tunes. Then head to the sleeping Snorlax in front of the Diglett's Cave east of Vermilion City. On the ball that controls the stations, head to the top of the thing. Middle BTW. It will wake up and you will battle it at lv. 50. Then head to the other end of the cave and head north to Pewter City.