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How do I get Misty back to the Gym??

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  1. You have to go to the Power Plant.
  2. Talk to the plant manager, and he'll be going on about a stolen piece of his generator.
  3. You will help him retrieve that piece by going to Misty's gym. There will be a Rocket in there. Follow him (you should find him between the couple on nugget bridge)
  4. After you battle the Rocket, he'll tell you where he hid the piece of the generator.
  5. The missing piece is in Misty's gym, and you should find it.
  6. Bring the missing piece to the plant manager back at the Power Plant.
  7. After the plant manager rewards you and thanks you, go back up to Bill's cottage area. Misty should be on the cape with a date. But you interrupt them, and she goes back to her gym.

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Bill's cottage?
It's on Cerulean Cape, to the right of Route 25. That was just meant to serve as a landmark, but it didnt really work... :/
oh but still thanks!