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I got an egg from trade and it was nicknamed VENUSAUR.
Its discription said it would take a very long time to hatch.
When it finally hatched it was a level 55 female Venusaur.
Is this a glitch or something like it?

Bad egg alert

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Well this is awkward, but it is obviously hacked because eggs can not be nicknamed and when eggs hatch they are their first evolution and is level 1.
EDIT: Some Pokemon aren't their first evolution when they hatch because they need special requirements. (e.g. Full Incense for Munchlax.) Thanks to Fizzcube for pointing this out.


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True, very true...
Actually, not every Pokemon hatches at their first evolution. Without the fullfilled requirements, the Baby Pokemon will hatch as a later Evolution.
Oh yeah, I forgot thanks.
That, however, is not the case here
I know, but I said that all pokemon hatch on their first evolution.
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There is a glitch where you can use the hp reducing berry on a Pokemon with 1 hp to make it faint when you have an egg in your party then you can battle with your egg you can even level it up and evolve it I don't know about the nickname though this will tell you more.

edit: this wouldnt be the case because it would be level 5.

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