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-My foe's Zebstrika is poisoned. This is the normal "one damage counter between turns" poison.
-I send out Muk: http://serebii.net/card/nextdestinies/053.shtml
-Muk uses Toxic Secretion.
-Will Muk's Toxic Secretion poison replace the standard poison that Zebstrika has.

Follow-up question if the answer is "Yes":
Will higher amounts of "bad poison" replace lower amounts? So would Muk's Toxic Secretion poison be replaced by Crobat's (see below for link) Deadly Poison Fangs poison?


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Yes, when you have a poisoned Pokemon already and it is hit with a higher count of poison, the new poison will replace the old poison condition, and will do that for every time after.

As long as it's still Poisoned, the Pokémon takes 10 damage after each player's turn, ignoring Weakness and Resistance. If an attack would Poison a Pokémon that's already Poisoned, it doesn't get doubly Poisoned; instead, the new Poison condition replaces the old one.

Source: http://www.pojo.com/pokemon/rules/oldbasicrules.html

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