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After half and hour of killing my brain trying to figure this out, I figured that Golurk covers the type weaknesses my team has, but are his stats too low for me to use him? If so, what are some other good Pokemon that can cover Fairy, Ghost, Poison, Electric and Psychic? Although that does leave me open to attacks from ghosts now that I think about it :(


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there not bad, just not as good as he could be.let's go through a list of Pros and Cons to find the answer:


o Has very high attack, paired with Iron Fists, he can be destructive.
o Has decent bulk
o He has no 4x weaknesses
o He has 3 immunities
o He can run the No Guard/Dynamic Punch, which helped fix Machamp


o Has poor speed, way too slow for a sweeper, yet to fast for a Trick Room user
o He can only be a Pysical attacker
o He has 5 weaknesses
o He is in NU for a reason, he get's outclassed

Try Aegislash. he covers all the weaknesses (besides Electric) and can be offensive, or defensive. He has access to King's Shield, Shadow Sneak and Swords Dance. I have put a link to movesets for him below. Hope I helped, and now it's betwene Aegislash and Golurk.

Aegislash movesets

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Guess I'm getting an Aegislash if I can learn how to use one! xD
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Smogon is really useful for this sort of stuff. Technically it is usable, but it's in NU so obviously it's pretty rarely used. If you go to the link and at the top visit the BW version of Golurk there's a whole paragraph detailing about how it could be used.

So yeah.
I'm generally pretty useless with competitive battling so if this doesn't help, I'll just convert it.

Hope I helped. :)