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I mean, at least in gen I, she has all poison type Pokemon. I thoght about it being because koga is already a poison type leader, but in johto we have both chuck and bruno as fighting type users. please answer this, because it is seriously confusing me!!!


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Well, in Gen I, the only ghost types were Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar and Poison type Pokemon were pretty much the most similar type to Ghost(it would've been Dark but that type wasn't created until Gen II), so she uses Poison type Pokemon as well. However, when you rematch her in FR/LG, she has a Misdreavus on her team, which is a Ghost type native to the Sevii Islands. And when you rematch the Elite 4, they all have Pokemon from the islands, like Lorelei having Piloswine and Blue(or whatever you named your rival) having Tyranitar and Heracross. Also, Agatha doesn't have any Ghost types like Sableye, Banette and Dusclops because the Kanto region and the Sevii Islands are not their habitat. If you could find Sableye, Banette or Dusclops(and their respective pre-evolutions) then there would be a pretty good chance of Agatha having them on her team.

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Agatha is a member of the Elite Four, and the oldest one to date. As such, she serves as an inspiration for senior Pokémon Trainers all around the region. She uses Ghost-type Pokémon, and other Pokémon with horrifying appearances.

As the quote above says, Agatha uses Ghost-type Pokemon, along with Pokemon with horrifying appearances. In Red, Blue, and Yellow, the only members of Agatha's team that aren't Ghost-type are Arbok and Golbat.
Golbat is a bat that is over five feet tall. Most of its body is its huge mouth. Also, as shown in its Red and Blue sprite, it has a giant tongue. I'm not sure about everyone else, but that seems pretty horrifying to me.
Giant bat of death
Arbok doesn't look quite as scary as Golbat does, but it's an eleven and a half foot tall snake. On top of that, it has what is supposed to look like a big face on its hood. Doesn't seem as scary as Golbat, but it definitely would be scary to see a snake that huge.

Also, Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar were the only Ghost-type Pokemon in Gen 1, and it would be pretty boring to have an important character just have a bunch of Haunters and Gengars.


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Well, to start off, there were only 3 ghost types in Red and Blue, which were all in the same evolutionary family (the Gastly family), and 3 ghost moves, so there wasn't much to really go off of. And yet my theory for the Indigo E4 is that the trainers there specialize in the rarest types in Kanto going in order from 4th rarest to rarest as you progress through the league, and Ghost is one of the rarest types in Kanto, so they needed to include it. But with not much to go off of (you can only add so many Gengar and Haunters to a team), they had to focus on the theme of spookiness instead. And what's spookier than snakes and bats? Probably Jynx, but Poison is also pretty scary on its own, which might factor in, but it might also just be coincidence that they're all Poison; it was a pretty common type back then.

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