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I'm building a mega houndoom ex deck and I don't have much room but I'm afraid I don't have enough Pokemon, I run a 3-3 line of Houndoom Ex and Mega Houndoom Ex and a 4-4 line of Pansage and Simisage from BREAKthrough for the Energy recycling. So I need a Basic that can work on fire energy and will be usable. Thank you.


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Other options include Tornadus and Lugia.

And realistically there are better ways of getting Fire energy back, like Blacksmith + VS Seekers, as well as Energy Recycler.

Blacksmith + VS Seeker can (at the maximum) get energy back and accelerate attachment 8 times. Simisage only gets the energy back, it doesn't attach them.

Oh Yeah I'm running those cards as well. I also Have Scorched earth and Fiery Torch for Draw Power. Thank you for the Suggestion of Dedenne. Definitely interesting. :)