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Is there a easy way to get a hidden power that I want for a Pokemon in the undiscovered egg group without soft resetting. For example you can get a hidden power by breeding but is there a way for Pokemon in the undiscovered egg group? I want to get a coballion with ice type 70 base power. Thanks in advance


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No it's always a 1 in 17 chance. Though soft resetting won't be that bad. 1 in 17 will take probably 6-13 tries to get, and that doesn't take long

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i know cobalion cant breed thats why i was asking if there was an easy way to get a hidden power i want on him
Oh, still no. 1/17 chance still, sorry.
ok thanks
No problem.
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I don't know if this is allowed to tell here but there's a special method known as "RNG abuse" to get desired Pokemon of desired IV combination, nature, etc. I (and yet, again) don't know which site gives best insight of this technique but you can start by googling it. You may start by following the link below