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Always joked about it being doable. Hypothetically speaking, if attempting a nice, easy Pokémon game like X/Y using a team of 6 Unown, what type of Hidden Power attacks would you opt for? You'll probably want at least 1 Psychic for STAB.


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  1. Psychic hidden power like you said for STAB.
  2. Fighting, bug and fairy hidden power covers its dark weakness.
  3. Flying, fire, poison, and rock hidden power covers its bug weakness.
  4. Ghost and dark hidden power covers its ghost weakness.
  5. Ground hidden power as its a very good type.
  6. Ice hidden power as its a good type and a good way of covering strong dragon types.
Fighting and ghost hidden powers are also good for covering steel and psychic, which resist psychic.
Also, poison hasn't been supereffective on bug since Gen 1
Looking at the list i made i think the best options are psychic, fighting, flying, dark, ground and ice.
Rock covers more type than flying, and ghost has less resistances than dark. I'd say psychic, fighting, rock, ghost, ground ice.
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I recommend any of these:
1. Hidden Power Psychic for STAB
2. Hidden Power Fighting for Dark, Steel, Rock, and Ice Types
3. Hidden Power Ghost for Ghost and Psychic types
4. Hidden Power Ice for Dragons
5. Hidden Power Poison for fairies
6. Hidden Power Fire, Flying or Rock for Bug Types

Why would fairies be a problem?
Thats almost the same as mine :(