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What are it's other moves and held item? What are it's EVs? Also, what do you plan to do with this Zeraora, battle real people?
How/where will you use Zeraora?

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Grass Knot. A lot of Ground types are also Rock, so that makes Grass Knot 4x effective in those cases. As a bonus as well, most Ground types are heavier, so Grass Knot really packs a punch.

Not many Ground-types have the Rock-type as their secondary type...
In UU, Grass Knot is great for hitting Hippowdawn and Swampert harder than Most of Zeraora's other Moves. Hidden Power Ground is good for hitting Mega Manetric and other Zeraora well. Of course, this isn't UU, but in UU, Hidden Power Ice is pretty useless to Zeraora. :P
But if it comes against lighter ground types like dugtrio or worst lycanroc?
You may be right, but this also works for Water and Ground types, mainly Swampert as with its Mega stone, is a beast.
First of all, Lycanroc isn't a Ground type (don't know if you meant it that way). And secondly, those two are really the only fast non-legendary, non-mega Ground or Rock type. Aerodactyl is a beast in Speed, but Grass Knot is neautral so you may as well use Plasma Fists (or whatever Electric type move you have). This is the same case with Flygon, Garchomp, and Archeops (I'm sure there's more). Except don't use Electric type moves on the first two.
Zeraora Outspeeds Dugtrio And Lycanroc. Superpower/Drain Punch/most other coverage moves hit them well enough that Hidden Power Ice isn't necessary. You don't need to be Super Effective to kill those frail Pokémon. :P