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Just woundering if I put Zorua to sleep (dark type, which should make spooky manor more common) what is the rate increase for a type match, asuming all other criteria has been met for a particullar area (Badges, DP). Also, does that percentage change for dual types?
(i.e. bug/psychic for pleasant forrest/spooky manor,
Sandslash for rugged mountain/icy path,
would slugma have more chance at rugged mountain,
Aerodactyl for rugged mountain/icy path/windswept sky)

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just realised my lack of accessability to spooky manor is a dream point count issue, but the questions still stand

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Well, it really is random which stage you get. Also, how many Dream Points do you have?
If you have many, then its less likely you'll get Spooky Manor because of the possiblity of different stages. I'm sure that after a while you'll get Spooky Manor after some tries.
NOTE: I checked Bulbapedia and putting a Dark, Ghost or Psychic does increase the chance of going to Spooky Manor also, in B2,W2 you need 4 badges and 1500 Dream points in the game


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double check your source, my understanding is that DW has been changed so that putting particullar types to sleep gives you a higher likelyhood of a particullar area
there you go
yeah, the point thing's an issue for me right now, I realise that. Is it listed anywhere how much more likely if ALL the criteria is met?