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I put in my buneary into the dream world and as soon as I logged on it said most of my berries have gone to the world tree. I had over a thousand berries saved up and after that message I received 7000 points and I was only left with one of each of my current berries in my chest. I had no idea if it's a random event, a restart for the new Black and White 2 server, or if it was because my buneary had the klutz ability. If it's a controlled event I'd love to be able to use it in the future to boost my points.

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Starting from May 1, 2012, if the player does not visit the Pokémon Dream World for 100 days, the Tree of Dreams will begin to convert Berries in the Treasure Chest into Dream Points. However, it leaves behind one of each type of Berry.


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WHAAAT!? PDW: 'visit our website or we'll take all your berries, mwa ha ha'.
Nope. It's just that some people ditch Pokemon and never play again.