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I have more than one game linked to my DW account, if I have a berry on one game but not the other, is there a way to send a berry across to grow more on the game without it


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Yes there is, I am pretty sure that you can become Dream Pals with your other game, put the berry you want to send on your Share Shelf, and then go to your other game and retrieve the berry. I suggest doing this quickly, as the berry you want to send may be swapped with another person.
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I'll try that as soon as I can and if it works I'll set BA
Ok, so there's a ton of running around to get your other games linked that I had to work out the hard way that I'll post for any one trying to use this. First use the friend code option in the IR section of your C-gear to swap codes between games. Then, put your pokemon to sleep on both games. Access the dream world and go to check dream pal map. from there select check game pals. Now this is the bit that for no logical reason gave me trouble: the name SHOULD be selectable and to start I couldn't select the names, but it eventually worked. Once you click on that you'll go to your other home. Just click dream pal request and go to you other game and accept.