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I got a used game of HG and the person before me's profile had all the kinds of Unowns in a box. But they were all shiny. Is it possibe to get a shiny Unown, in the wild? If so, how did this person get all the Unowns shiny?! The time he played wasn't very much. Also, he had a bunch of ledgendarys and everything, but besides the Unown there were just a shiny Pidgey, normal Farfetch'd and a normal Hoppip. Isn't that weird?

Well, I've found a shiny Pidgey in SS within the first five minutes of playing. Fat lotta good a bunch of legendaries do for you at the beginning of the game, since you need to have the right badges in order to control them.
Well, I accidentally found a shiny Wurrmple  while  looking for a Ralts in Sapphire. Now I have a shiny Beautifly which is really pretty.

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Still the standard 1/8192. It's possible to get Shiny Unown.
He hacked, obviously. Or traded, which is unlikely.

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I've been playing since the original red/blue (about 15 years in all for me), I've seen 5 shinies! This game of yours specifically has all 26 unown cought shiny in a very short time. It's not impossible, but yeah...