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Serebii says you have to breed hitmonchan/lee/top, but those 3 are always males, so how would that happen?, it makes no sense


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Simple! you can put them in the daycare with a ditto, that makes a tyrouge egg. Putting a ditto in the daycare pokemon will give you an egg containing the other pokemon (in other words, the one that's not ditto) I would never think to put an eevee or one of my starter pokemon with a ditto (cough cough or genderless cough pokemon likecough metagross cough cough )

Wow, ditto can breed with males? no way! P.S. I MAY have cough already cough got a baby beldum that way cough.......
Yep. ditto's manly charm doesn't just work on females... but since he's genderless it's not really bi.