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Ok so I breed and breed Tyrogue with ditto and Scrafty for few times, and now I got Hitmontop with High Jump Kick. When I try to breed new Tyrogue with High Jump Kick AND Mach Punch it does not work.

I knew that Tyrogue is 100% male so I thought it is not possible. But I saw one guy in Wifi Battle with Hitmontop which can use High Jump Kick and Mach Punch. This guy said he/she did not use move modifier ar code.

Is there a Pokemon which can learn High Jump Kick and Mach Punch at the same time? Or is it possible to breed Tyrogue High Jump Kick and Mach Punch at the same time?


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Your breeding chain will look something like this:

  1. Breed your Hitmontop that has High Jump Kick
  2. Baby Tyrogue will have High Jump Kick
  3. Evolve baby Tyrogue into Hitmonchan, which will learn Mach Punch at L16
  4. Breed the Hitmoncham with both High Jump Kick and Mach Punch in its moveset
  5. Resulting baby Tyrogue should have both moves.
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Thanks a lot! It worked!