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Okay, I want ot know if I breed my Mienshao that knows Hi Jump Kick and Drain Punch with my Lucario. I know that the Riolu I get from this mystrious concoction will be born already knowing how to karate kick people into submission,(Hi Jump Kick) but will it know Drain Punch aswell? The pokemon breeding info says that the resulting pokemon will know any egg moves it can and also any other moves it can be taught by TM. Now, I know it can be taught Drain punch in Pokemon HG/SS, but will it still learn that by breeding in Black/White?
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Nope. There is no way to get Riolu to get Drain Punch unless you teach in the Gen 4. The TM must be from the generation the breeding is occurring in in order to have the TM move in a egg.

if you have Gen 5.2 (black2), Riolu can learn Drain Punch via move tuter in Himalu City