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My Mienfoo:

Mienfoo (Girl)
Level 44
Item: Lucky Egg
Ability: Regenerate

HP: 105
Attack: 81
Defense: 49
Sp. Atk: 63
Sp. Def: 62
Speed: 71

Moves: (so far)

Drain Punch
Force Palm

Move set I'm going for:

Stone Edge
Hi-jump kick

I was thinking maybe keep Drain punch because it gives it HP but I can always get HP back with Regenerator + U-Turn, but I don't know.... Keep in mind I've only beat the 7th gym so far if you want to give a moveset I could use

take both so when u miss with hi jump kick so can u regain hp with drain punch
That would limit his move coverage and Mienshao is too frail to live an attack after Hi Jump Kick damage.
Also please don't comment on old questions such as this please :)

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Hi-Jump Kick is probably one of the best moves ever, that is, if it attacks. If it doesn't, then very undesirable consequences will be faced.

Hi Jump Kick has a 10% chance of missing. Think of every ten times you use the move, it will miss only once. As for Drain Punch, you will damage the opposition, and regain half of your inflicted damage from the previous turn.

As much as I want to scream Drain Punch, I'd actually go Hi Jump Kick. I mean, when you miss, yeah, you've guaranteed yourself to faint your Mienfoo. However, in the cases it hits you've guaranteed their team a faint to their Pokemon. It's a very risky situation, but it's a good risk to take, I think.

I know this is probably the most illogical answer on Pokebase, but it's my opinion.
Drain Punch is still something to consider though. You can get back some HP from the opposition's previous attack. This is really helpful when, for example, in the Elite Four they use an incredibly strong attack. Drain Punch! Half of it is regained.

The only time you guarantee yourself a miss with Hi Jump Kick is (there are many more scenarios than this, but I get this one the most, and I utterly fail with it) Double Team. Double Team applies with any move really, so if your opponent uses it I beg you not to use it. There are also moves like Dig, Fly and Dive that are like that, but they rarely occur in the game. And even when you encounter a move like that, Mienshao has 105 Speed. So you'll be bound to attack first.

Well... sorry about this wall of text.
I tend to do this a lot. xD
Good Luck! :)

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Thanks, and I feel as if this answer well, answers my question the most. I'm going with Hi-Jump kick, but I'll use Drain Punch until I get it. :3
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I think you should stick with Drain punch.It is a powerful move and will drain a lot of hp if it super effective.You can use pp ups to make it 8 pp if you want.Regenerator will only cover 1/3 of your hp.Drain punch most of the the time gives me more than half of my hp.Hi jump kick is powerful too,but if you miss you will a lot of hp.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but in Gen. V wasn't the PP raised to 10? If that's the case, I'm gonna have to reccomend Drain Punch.
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I would naturally go with Hi Jump Kick, due to its awesome power. Since it has only 90% accuracy, so the move will punish your Mienfoo if it misses, especially competitively. I recommend making it hold a wide lens to aid with that.

Drain punch, on the other hand, is a more reliable move and probably going to be the preferred move for competitive play, since it heals and has regular accuracy. Also, if you go with this move you don't have to worry about pesky battlers who use the move gravity. I would definitely go with this move since your mienfoo has low defense.

Overall, they're both really good moves, hi jump kick in game and drain punch for competitive play.

Slow to answer, I know.
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I like Hi Jump Kick just because of it's power. Drain Punch is usually better but with U-Turn + Regenerator it shouldn't be too big of a problem healing. As for accuracy, the accuracy is still good and you can just U-Turn and recover if it misses.