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Please don't question my curiosity.

Most likely character limits. I guess gamefreak thought it'd look awkward to have three words smashed together, but it'd be fine it is was too for some reason (e.g. thunderpunch).
Remember that moves were capitalised in earlier games. HIGHJUMPKICK is harder to read than HI JUMP KICK, if just slightly.

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Maybe letter limits. "HighJumpKick" looks more awkward than Hi Jump Kick, even if it is spelled correctly.

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Not letter limit. Parabolic charge, electric terrain and other 2 moves has 14 letters. While highjumpkick has only 10 letters.
Maybe because this is hard to read.
In the older games, so before Parabolic Charge etc. existed, there was actually a 12 character limit. ‘Hi Jump Kick’ was the largest they could go.