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Can you be more specific? I'm not entirely sure what you want to find out here.
As in, are you asking if it is a good set or how to get one like this?
i already edit it. i mean how can i get , who i need to breed with etc , sorry

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There is no female Hitmontop. The Hitmon- family have to breed with Ditto.
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That means you can't get any egg moves on Hitmontop in gen V.


Bullet Punch- Hitmonchan at level 16
High Jump Kick - Hitmonlee at level 29
Technician is one of Hitmontop's normal abilities so you would have a 50% chance to get it on a Hitmontop.

Breed a female Hitmontop with a male Hitmonlee with HJK and then breed the offspring with a male Hitmonchan with Bullet Punch until you get a Technician Hitmontop with Bullet Punch and HJK.

I didnt see the Adamant part :P

After getting the Hitmontop with HJK, make sure either the Hitmonchan or the Hitmontop have an Adamant nature, and give that Parent an Everstone. that will guarantee your offspring will have an Adamant nature.

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sorry about the question, i already edit it .. i mean how can i get, like breeding the moves
Ok thanks :D
You forgot the nature. :]
There is no female Hitmontop. The Hitmon- family have to breed with Ditto.
So the Hitmon-family can't get egg moves.
Nah. The Hitmon- family can get egg moves but only from other Hitmon-'s.
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Alright, here we go on a jounrey for breeding. :D

First off, you will want to find a Pokemon that is adamant and is in the same egg group as Hitmontop is(Human-like).
What you want to do it give that Pokemon an Everstone and have it breed with the Hitmontop. From BW2 onward, the nature of the parent holding the Everstone is always passed down.
Consider this first step done. :D

Next, the ability.

>Starting in Black 2 and White 2, there is an 80% chance that the Ability slot of the female will be passed to the baby.

Since Technician isn't a HA for Hitmontop, just any female that doesn't have its HA will do and you will get Technician 80% of the time.

All that's left are the moves. Almost there. :]

>If the father or (starting in Generation VI) the mother knows any specific Egg moves that the baby can learn, the baby will inherit the move. If the parents both know different Egg moves, the father's Egg moves are passed on first, then followed by the mother's.

Since this is gen V you will want the father to know that move and not the mother.

Hitmontop can get Bullet punch by breeding with Hitmonchan and can learn HJK by breeding with Hitmonlee.


Hope I helped.

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