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In an environment where attackers are already abundant, Intimidate is somewhat a boon to the Top. But is it worth sacrificing this niche for some extra power in Technician? Just asking 'cos with fairies becoming more abundant they primarily use special attacks (not counting Azumarill and Mawile) so Intimidate is kinda usless against them.


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I don't think Technician will see much use on Hitmontop from now on. Technitop has few viable coverage moves except Bullet Punch for Fairy types, and 2 of the most common ones - Azumarill and Mawile - take neutral damage from Bullet Punch, and have decent bulk. Then there's Togekiss, which has good bulk and will not take that much damage from a super effective Bullet Punch anyway, unless coming from Scizor.

Bullet Punch also doesn't receive STAB, so Scizor is a better Fairy counter. Hitmontop should switch out when facing a Fairy type anyway.

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So is it worth getting an Intimidate off on Azumarill/Mawile or is it way too risky?
Too risky. Even with Intimidate they will most likely OHKO with Play Rough.
Thanks a lot!