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And do certain people have better chances of giving one?

In my experience, only fans give souvenirs, and the chances are either extremely small or random.
I had a person I traded with give me one, if I recall correctly.
Well, I don't know then,
Its like 10-30%. Its not rare or anything, but its uncommon.
I think it increases by the rank of your avenue, because at first I never got one, and now (it's rank 22) about every other person gives me one.
I started getting them around Level 8.

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no. I am positive that it is the same as the raffle shop.

"On the odd occasion, when you consult with the people who come to the Join Avenue, they will say how much of a fan they are of yours and will offer you a special item as a Souvenir."

and from my source they are all the same chance


I know that source quite well, and there's nothing that says that they are the same chance.
well. somtimes i get a repel every 100 vistors. somtimes it is like 5 at a time