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Please include the chances! Masuda Method and Shining Charm too please!

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  • Gen II: 1/8192. However, breeding Shiny Pokemon results in 1/64 chance that a Pokemon is Shiny.
  • Gen III: 1/8192.
  • Gen IV: 1/8192. Masuda Method: 1/1639. PokeRadar: Chaining past 40 Pokemon results in a 1/200 chance.
  • Gen V: 1/8192. Masuda Method: 1/1366. Shining Charm: 1 /2370. Shining Charm and Masuda Method: 1/1024

Rate of Shininess
Masuda Method
Shining Charm

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:P All Bulbapedia except for Shining Charm