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So what Pokemon have shiny forms currently that are not the same as their original shiny forms. Also I couldn't find this question elsewhere but if it is please link it.

EDIT: It turns out there was a question like this but it was before Generatiion VI even came out. Since if I asked there nobody would see it, I decided to ask here, because I don't think anyone would answer over there.

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Considering that question's answer was from 2013, there's a high chance its outdated. If we close this one its unlikely that one will be updated since its really old and already answered, unless someone takes initiative before this is hidden. Perhaps this question should be edited to specify after 2013.

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The first answer was inaccurate, so I’ll be answering this myself.

Ok so, like Felix pointed out in his comment, Minior and Castform how have shinies for their different forms. Minior forms used to all just have a black shiny in core form and no shiny in meteor form, but now shiny Minior has alternate shinies for its core form. For example, it looks like there are both purple and green shiny Minior core forms, and presumably this is the case for other color Minior. Their shinies are most likely based off of what their core form would usually look like. Note that their meteor form still doesn’t have a shiny.

As for Castform, regular Castform always had a shiny, but its weather forms just looked normal. Now there are shiny colorations for each form that Castform can take.

Castform ————-> Castform

Castform ————-> Castform

Castform ————-> Castform

Also, yes, Magearna now has a shiny.

Magearna ————-> Magearna

Combusken's shiny was changed to be more noticeable with the release of the Crown Tundra.


Hope this helps! :)

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