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I'm planning on hunting the fossils in ORAS, and I'm wondering if I can check the appearances section in the Pokedex to see if I got a shiny to spare me from going to the Poke center every time.

Can I have a little bit more info of the hunt you’re planning to do for some extra context? I might be able to test but I’m not totally sure what type of hunt you’re planning. Can you link a video perhaps?
I'm planning on doing Archen first, then doing Aerodactyl and then Omanyte I believe. I'm hunting using the guy that revives fossils in Rustboro, but I don't have a video to link.

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Disclaimer: I did use a hacking software for these tests. Please let me know if you would prefer something more authentic, and I can convert this to a comment.

First, I started by hacking myself 500 fossils.

Next, I went and revived 86 of them, and checked my Pokédex. I’ve unlocked form for for female, but no shiny. I checked my PC and no shiny.

In my hacking software, I changed one of the Tirtouga in my PC to be shiny. I opened Alpha Sapphire.

I opened my Pokédex immediately, and I have unlocked the shiny form.

Tl;dr I tried it out myself, got bored, turned one of the Tirtouga I revived that was in my PC into a shiny, checked my Pokédex, and it was shiny in the forms. Theoretically, you should be able to view shinies from your dex even when immediately sent to your pc legitimately.

I hope this helps!

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Thanks, this helps a lot.