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I have an old amber and want to know whats in it, I also want to know what Pokemon are in other fossils.

Also, how do you bring the Pokemon out of the fossil.

This is Alpha Sappire by the way.


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Old Amber - Aerodactyl
Helix Fossil - Omanyte --> Omastar
Dome Fossil - Kabuto --> Kabutops
Claw Fossil - Anorith --> Armaldo
Root Fossil - Lileep --> Cradily
Skull Fossil - Cranidos --> Rampardos
Armor Fossil - Sheildon --> Bastiodon
Plume Fossil- Archen --> Archeops
Cover Fossil- Tirtouga --> Carracosta
Jaw Fossil- Tyrunt ->> Tyrantrum
Sail Fossil- Amaura --> Aurorous

To restore a fossil go to the 2nd floor of the Devon Corp and talkk to one of the scientist there.

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Dome Fossil: Kabuto
Helix Fossil: Omanyte
Old Amber: Aerodactyl
Claw Fossil: Anorith
Root Fossil: Lilleep
Skull Fossil: Cranidos
Armor Fossil: Shieldon
Cover Fossil: Tirtouga
Plume Fossil: Archen
Sail Fossil: Amaura
Jaw Fossil: Tyrunt

In ORAS, to revive a Pokemon from a fossil:
1. Fly to Rustboro City and enter the Devon Corporation
2. Talk to the guy behind the counter in the left-bottom corner of the 2nd floor

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