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I'm planning on making a living dex of every single shiny Pokemon as a card in the TCG. (Examples include the hidden fates secret rares or the steam seige azumarill) So I really need a list so I know what shiny cards to get.

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Update: I just realised there was a bird keeper toby video on this subject. Oops
You mean like the Pokemon listed here? https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Shining_Pok%C3%A9mon_(TCG) Are Shining Pokemon the same as shiny?

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So far, here are all the Shiny/Shining Pokémon cards in the TCG, as well as the set they've appeared in:

Shining Charizard (Neo Destiny)
Shining Raichu (Neo Destiny)
Shining Magikarp (Neo Revelation)
Shining Gyarados (Neo Revelation)
Shining Kabutops (Neo Destiny)
Shining Mewtwo (Neo Destiny)
Shining Mew (Unnumbered Promotional cards)
Shining Noctowl (Neo Destiny)
Shining Steelix (Neo Destiny)
Shining Tyranitar (Neo Destiny)
Shining Celebi (Neo Destiny)
Charizard ☆ δ (EX Dragon Frontiers)
Pikachu ☆ (EX Holon Phantoms)
Alakazam ☆ (EX Crystal Guardians)
Gyarados ☆ δ (EX Holon Phantoms)
Vaporeon ☆ (EX Power Keepers)
Jolteon ☆ (EX Power Keepers)
Flareon ☆ (EX Power Keepers)
Mewtwo ☆ (EX Holon Phantoms)
Mew ☆ δ (EX Dragon Frontiers)
Espeon ☆ (POP Series 5)
Umbreon ☆ (POP Series 5)
Raikou ☆ (EX Unseen Forces)
Entei ☆ (EX Unseen Forces)
Suicune ☆ (EX Unseen Forces)
Celebi ☆ (EX Crystal Guardians)
Treecko ☆ (EX Team Rocket Returns)
Torchic ☆ (EX Team Rocket Returns)
Mudkip ☆ (EX Team Rocket Returns)
Metagross ☆ (EX Delta Species)
Regirock ☆ (EX Legend Maker)
Regice ☆ (EX Legend Maker)
Registeel ☆ (EX Legend Maker)
Latias ☆ (EX Deoxys)
Latios ☆ (EX Deoxys)
Kyogre ☆ (EX Delta Species)
Groudon ☆ (EX Delta Species)
Rayquaza ☆ (EX Deoxys)
Drifloon (Stormfront)
Duskull (Stormfront)
Voltorb (Stormfront)
Lotad (Platinum)
Swablu (Platinum)
Vulpix (Platinum)
Milotic (Supreme Victors)
Relicanth (Supreme Victors)
Yanma (Supreme Victors)
Bagon (Arceus)
Ponyta (Arceus)
Shinx (Arceus)
Gyarados (HeartGold & SoulSilver)
Raikou (HGSS Black Star Promos)
Entei (HGSS Black Star Promos)
Suicune (HGSS Black Star Promos)
Deoxys (Call of Legends)
Dialga (Call of Legends)
Entei (Call of Legends)
Groudon (Call of Legends)
Ho-Oh (Call of Legends)
Lugia (Call of Legends)
Palkia (Call of Legends)
Raikou (Call of Legends)
Rayquaza (Call of Legends)
Suicune (Call of Legends)
Emboar (Next Destinies)
Zoroark (Next Destinies)
Chandelure (Next Destinies)
Hydreigon (Next Destinies)
Gardevoir (Dark Explorers)
Archeops (Dark Explorers)
Rayquaza (BW-P Promotional/Dragons Exalted)
Reuniclus (Dragons Exalted)
Serperior (Dragons Exalted)
Krookodile (Dragons Exalted)
Golurk (Boundaries Crossed)
Terrakion (Boundaries Crossed)
Altaria (Boundaries Crossed)
Charizard (Plasma Storm)
Blastoise (Plasma Storm)
Empoleon (Plasma Freeze)
Sigilyph (Plasma Freeze)
Garbodor (Plasma Freeze)
Garchomp (Plasma Freeze)
Exeggcute (Plasma Blast)
Virizion (Plasma Blast)
Dusknoir (Plasma Blast)
Genesect (BW Black Star Promos)
M Gengar-EX (XY-P Promotional)
Metagross-EX (XY Black Star Promos)
M Metagross-EX (XY Black Star Promos)
Rayquaza-EX (XY Black Star Promos)
Rayquaza (XY Black Star Promos)
Hoopa (XY Black Star Promos)
Xerneas-EX (XY Black Star Promos)
Yveltal-EX (XY Black Star Promos)
Magikarp (XY Black Star Promos)
Gyarados (XY Black Star Promos)
Altaria (XY-P Promotional)
Primal Kyogre-EX (Ancient Origins)
Primal Groudon-EX (Ancient Origins)
M Rayquaza-EX (Ancient Origins)
Gyarados-EX (BREAKpoint)
M Gyarados-EX (BREAKpoint)
M Gardevoir-EX (Generations)
Shiftry (Steam Siege)
Volcarona (Steam Siege)
Galvantula (Steam Siege)
Bisharp (Steam Siege)
M Steelix-EX (Steam Siege)
Azumarill (Steam Siege)
M Gardevoir-EX (Steam Siege)
Poncho-wearing Pikachu (XY Black Star Promos) [The Rayquaza poncho is Shiny, not the actual Pikachu, so count this if you like.]
Tapu Koko (SM-P Promotional Cards)
Tapu Koko-GX (SM-P Promotional Cards)
Shining Ho-Oh (SM-P Promotional Cards)
Shining Celebi (Shining Legends)
Shining Genesect (Shining Legends)
Shining Volcanion (Shining Legends)
Shining Mew (Shining Legends)
Shining Jirachi (Shining Legends)
Shining Rayquaza (Shining Legends)
Shining Lugia (Shining Legends)
Shining Arceus (Shining Legends)
Poipole (SM-P Promotional Cards)
Scyther (Hidden Fates)
Rowlet (Hidden Fates)
Dartrix (Hidden Fates)
Wimpod (Hidden Fates)
Pheromosa (Hidden Fates)
Charmander (Hidden Fates)
Charmeleon (Hidden Fates)
Alolan Vulpix (Hidden Fates)
Wooper (Hidden Fates)
Quagsire (Hidden Fates)
Froakie (Hidden Fates)
Frogadier (Hidden Fates)
Voltorb (Hidden Fates)
Xurkitree (Hidden Fates)
Seviper (Hidden Fates)
Shuppet (Hidden Fates)
Inkay (Hidden Fates)
Malamar (Hidden Fates)
Poipole (Hidden Fates)
Sudowoodo (Hidden Fates)
Riolu (Hidden Fates)
Lucario (Hidden Fates)
Rockruff (Hidden Fates)
Buzzwole (Hidden Fates)
Zorua (Hidden Fates)
Guzzlord (Hidden Fates)
Magnemite (Hidden Fates)
Magneton (Hidden Fates)
Magnezone (Hidden Fates)
Beldum (Hidden Fates)
Metang (Hidden Fates)
Celesteela (Hidden Fates)
Kartana (Hidden Fates)
Ralts (Hidden Fates)
Kirlia (Hidden Fates)
Diancie (Hidden Fates)
Altaria (Hidden Fates)
Gible (Hidden Fates)
Gabite (Hidden Fates)
Garchomp (Hidden Fates)
Eevee (Hidden Fates)
Swablu (Hidden Fates)
Noibat (Hidden Fates)
Oranguru (Hidden Fates)
Type: Null (Hidden Fates)
Leafeon-GX (Hidden Fates)
Decidueye-GX (Hidden Fates)
Charizard-GX (Hidden Fates)
Ho-Oh-GX (Hidden Fates)
Reshiram-GX (Hidden Fates)
Turtonator-GX (Hidden Fates)
Alolan Ninetales-GX (Hidden Fates)
Articuno-GX (Hidden Fates)
Glaceon-GX (Hidden Fates)
Greninja-GX (Hidden Fates)
Electrode-GX (Hidden Fates)
Xurkitree-GX (Hidden Fates)
Mewtwo-GX (Hidden Fates)
Espeon-GX (Hidden Fates)
Banette-GX (Hidden Fates)
Nihilego-GX (Hidden Fates)
Naganadel-GX (Hidden Fates)
Lucario-GX (Hidden Fates)
Zygarde-GX (Hidden Fates)
Lycanroc-GX (Hidden Fates)
Lycanroc-GX (Hidden Fates)
Buzzwole-GX (Hidden Fates)
Umbreon-GX (Hidden Fates)
Darkrai-GX (Hidden Fates)
Zoroark-GX (Hidden Fates)
Guzzlord-GX (Hidden Fates)
Scizor-GX (Hidden Fates)
Metagross-GX (Hidden Fates)
Kartana-GX (Hidden Fates)
Stakataka-GX (Hidden Fates)
Gardevoir-GX (Hidden Fates)
Sylveon-GX (Hidden Fates)
Altaria-GX (Hidden Fates)
Rayquaza-GX (Hidden Fates)
Noivern-GX (Hidden Fates)
Silvally-GX (Hidden Fates)
Drampa-GX (Hidden Fates)
Frosmoth (VMAX Rising)
Rowlet (Shiny Star V)
Dartrix (Shiny Star V)
Decidueye (Shiny Star V)
Grookey (Shiny Star V)
Thwackey (Shiny Star V)
Rillaboom (Shiny Star V)
Blipbug (Shiny Star V)
Dottler (Shiny Star V)
Orbeetle (Shiny Star V)
Gossifleur (Shiny Star V)
Eldegoss (Shiny Star V)
Applin (Shiny Star V)
Flapple (Shiny Star V)
Appletun (Shiny Star V)
Scorbunny (Shiny Star V)
Raboot (Shiny Star V)
Cinderace (Shiny Star V)
Sizzlipede (Shiny Star V)
Centiskorch (Shiny Star V)
Galarian Mr. Mime (Shiny Star V)
Galarian Mr. Rime (Shiny Star V)
Suicune (Shiny Star V)
Galarian Darumaka (Shiny Star V)
Galarian Darmanitan (Shiny Star V)
Sobble (Shiny Star V)
Drizzile (Shiny Star V)
Inteleon (Shiny Star V)
Chewtle (Shiny Star V)
Drednaw (Shiny Star V)
Cramorant (Shiny Star V)
Arrokuda (Shiny Star V)
Barraskewda (Shiny Star V)
Snom (Shiny Star V)
Frosmoth (Shiny Star V)
Eiscue (Shiny Star V)
Dracovish (Shiny Star V)
Arctovish (Shiny Star V)
Rotom (Shiny Star V)
Yamper (Shiny Star V)
Boltund (Shiny Star V)
Toxel (Shiny Star V)
Toxtricity (Shiny Star V)
Pinchurchin (Shiny Star V)
Morpeko (Shiny Star V)
Dracozolt (Shiny Star V)
Arctozolt (Shiny Star V)
Galarian Ponyta (Shiny Star V)
Galarian Rapidash (Shiny Star V)
Galarian Corsola (Shiny Star V)
Galarian Cursola (Shiny Star V)
Dedenne (Shiny Star V)
Sinistea (Shiny Star V)
Polteageist (Shiny Star V)
Hatenna (Shiny Star V)
Hattrem (Shiny Star V)
Milcery (Shiny Star V)
Alcremie (Shiny Star V)
Indeedee (Shiny Star V)
Dreepy (Shiny Star V)
Drakloak (Shiny Star V)
Dragapult (Shiny Star V)
Galarian Farfetch'd (Shiny Star V)
Galarian Sirfetch'd (Shiny Star V)
Galarian Yamask (Shiny Star V)
Galarian Runerigus (Shiny Star V)
Rolycoly (Shiny Star V)
Carkol (Shiny Star V)
Coalossal (Shiny Star V)
Silicobra (Shiny Star V)
Sandaconda (Shiny Star V)
Clobbopus (Shiny Star V)
Grapploct (Shiny Star V)
Falinks (Shiny Star V)
Stonjourner (Shiny Star V)
Koffing (Shiny Star V)
Galarian Weezing (Shiny Star V)
Galarian Zigzagoon (Shiny Star V)
Galarian Linoone (Shiny Star V)
Galarian Obstagoon (Shiny Star V)
Nickit (Shiny Star V)
Thievul (Shiny Star V)
Impidimp (Shiny Star V)
Morgrem (Shiny Star V)
Grimmsnarl (Shiny Star V)
Galarian Meowth (Shiny Star V)
Galarian Perrserker (Shiny Star V)
Galarian Stunfisk (Shiny Star V)
Corviknight (Shiny Star V)
Cufant (Shiny Star V)
Copperajah (Shiny Star V)
Duraludon (Shiny Star V)
Minccino (Shiny Star V)
Cinccino (Shiny Star V)
Ducklett (Shiny Star V)
Swanna (Shiny Star V)
Bunnelby (Shiny Star V)
Oranguru (Shiny Star V)
Skwovet (Shiny Star V)
Greedent (Shiny Star V)
Rookidee (Shiny Star V)
Corvisquire (Shiny Star V)
Wooloo (Shiny Star V)
Dubwool (Shiny Star V)
Rillaboom V (Shiny Star V)
Rillaboom VMAX (Shiny Star V)
Eldegoss V (Shiny Star V)
Charizard V (Shiny Star V)
Charizard VMAX (Shiny Star V)
Centiskorch V (Shiny Star V)
Centiskorch VMAX (Shiny Star V)
Lapras V (Shiny Star V)
Lapras VMAX (Shiny Star V)
Boltund V (Shiny Star V)
Toxtricity V (Shiny Star V)
Toxtricity VMAX (Shiny Star V)
Indeedee V (Shiny Star V)
Dragapult V (Shiny Star V)
Dragapult VMAX (Shiny Star V)
Falinks V (Shiny Star V)
Crobat VMAX (Shiny Star V)
Grimmsnarl V (Shiny Star V)
Grimmsnarl VMAX (Shiny Star V)
Ditto V (Shiny Star V)
Ditto VMAX (Shiny Star V)
Dubwool V (Shiny Star V)
Cramorant V (Shiny Star V)

Source: Bulbapedia and Pokellector

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