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I needed a tank for my OU team, and was thinking of shuckle. It had been blessed by Shell smash, should I use it?


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You can use shuckle as tank in the sand but without the white herb:

Sandstall Shuckle

Shuckle @ leftovers/ chesto berry
Trait: Contrary
Evs: 252 hp / 252 spdef / 4 def
Sassy nature
- Toxic
- Rest
- Shell smash
- Knock off

Use this little guy in a sandstorm as special wall.
After 6 shell smashes and in the sand he reaches a special defense of 3354.
Toxic is for stalling and rest for recovery
Knock off for knock down your oppononts items like type resisting berries and life orbs.

this should work as a tank

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It wouldnt do much of good use its only good as a wall. The white herb wouldnt help much since its so weak it attack and sp attack.By the time your done shell smashing it would probably faint by then. Well in my opinion dont use it. Well its your choice actually.

thanks, i moved onto Deoxys - D
NP! :D glad i could help