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I wondered if Shedninja got access to Shell Smash would that make it a threat in the tiers now with wonder guard and a focus stash and plus it has a shell and why shedninja does not have access to the move I mean it's so trash because it only has one hp and plus it could be stoped by rock blast and lycanroc accelerock I'm just wondering why is there no shell smash shedninja

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This is for competitive, right? What format?
Answer to second question: Game Freak logic
@sumwun yea mostly compettitive
What format?
It's don't matter try out or ru with shell smash cloyster with rock blast
Design-wise, I think the reason Shedinja can’t learn Shell Smash is because it’s *just* the shell. The Pokédex has stated that Shedinja is completely hollow inside; if it smashes its shell, there’s nothing left underneath.

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Shedinja is even more vulnerable to the always-present stealth rock, as well as poison and burns, than Cloyster is. Its attacks have less power and can't ignore substitute and sturdy. Shedinja is also slower, so things like Electrode, scarf Houndoom, mega Sceptile, Swellow, scarf Shaymin, and scarf Tyrantrum can revenge kill Shedinja but not Cloyster. Its 1 HP and lack of ice coverage means that Nidoqueen, Rhyperior, Mandibuzz, and Necrozma force Shedinja to switch, instead of the other way around, and Shedinja is less useful for decorating cakes. Cloyster gets both spikes and shell smash and can use either when forcing switches, making it much less predictable than Shedinja. Things like Machamp, mega Sceptile, Roserade, and most taunt users stop Shedinja from setting up even more easily than they stop Cloyster.

The other good shell smash user is Barbarnacle. Unlike both Shedinja and Cloyster, Barbarnacle has better defensive typing, so it can switch into stealth rock much more freely and set up on Drapion and Tyrantrum. Barbarnacle's higher physical attack and wider attacking movepool let it deal a big chunk of damage without setting up and sweep through steel opponents.

Shedinja will also likely be outclassed by Golisopod. Like Cloyster, Golisopod learns spikes. First impression and higher physical attack mean Golisopod is less reliant on setup and better at revenge killing things like Virizion and Barbarnacle. 1 HP makes Shedinja worse at checking mega Blastoise, Donphan, Zygarde, and Araquanid.

Maybe Shedinja can still force out just enough opponents to be viable, and I'm wrong.

Really good explanation "Claps" I really just want Shedninja to be viable somehow instead of being a gimmick it's attack and speed sucks and wonder guard not that usefull with it's bad typing hopefully game freak makes away for Shedninja to be viable instead of every single Shedninja carry focus stash and become useful for once in a life time
There are over 800 Pokemon now. They can't all be viable.
Also, any other questions about RU should probably be asked here ( https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/sm-ru-simple-questions-simple-answers.3598019/ ) instead of Pokebase. The people watching that Smogon thread know a lot more than I do.
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Shedinja with shell smsh would be extremely unbalanced. This is duje to the fact that shedinja only has one hp at all times, or it is fainted, so the defence drops wouldn't matter. Stick a sash on it and it will easily make it to rarelyused, as for why it doesn't, look at other Pokemon that do. I feel like cloyster is the best example for this. Cloyster is, of course, based on an oyster, now, when you say oyster, you're referring to the thing inside the shell. Shedinja, on the other hand, is a spirit, whose vessel is a shell, so if anything were to smash it, shedinja would probably die.