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CC and I were having a conversation about Pokémon having more than 2 types.... and we ended up here.

Anyway, he joked about Shedinja having all 18 types, and I wondered what could knock it out if it did. Also, I’m looking more for attacking moves, because CC already concluded that Trick/Switcheroo with a Flame/Toxic Orb would work, as well as Corrosion + Toxic Salazzle.


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It gets hurt by:
Sandstorm or Hail damage,
Damaging status (Burn, Poison, Bad Poison),
Stealth Rock, Spikes or Toxic Spikes upon switch-in,
Mold Breaker,
Teravolt and Turboblaze,
Rough Skin,
Leech Seed,
Flame Burst in doubles (as secondary effects ignore it),
Anything to change or negate Shedinja's ability (Role Play, Entrainment, Simple Beam, Skill Swap, Worry Seed, Neutralizing Gas, Gastro Acid, Mummy),
Moves that ignore Abilities (Photon Geyser, Moongeist Beam, Sunsteel Strike, etc.)
Curse by a Ghost-type (or used by Shedinja),
Self-inflicted fainting (Explosion, Self-Destruct, Memento),
Rocky Helmet,
Destiny Bond,
Fire Spin,
Aftermath damage,
Any Rock-Type attack.
BTW there's 18 types not 16.
Hope I helped!
I was just about to answer
U are wrong. U forgot type immunity. Fire types can't be burned and steel and poison types can't be poisoned(unless corrosion)......
Other than that u are right
Oh lord please forgive me about saying 16. I’m really tired, I meant to say if it were to have the OTHER 16 types.
Freeze-dry is super effective.
Are theory based questions allowed? Pretty sure they aren't.
@frozen, I mean, this one has a definite answer to it, it’s not like something with a billion of possibilities

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A Pokemon with all types is only weak to rock. Therefore, it would only be damaged by rock-type attacks and passive damage.


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A Pokémon with all types is also weak to fairy, not just rock. Also, if you use Miracle Eye to remove it's immunity to Psychic, you can use Gravity to remove it's immunity to Ground, which it would have a triple weakness to
Fire resists fairy so it would not be weak to fairy.
Also, underneath its immunity to Ground is an 8x weakness if Gravity is in effect. With Ring Target, its immunity to Ghost becomes a 2x weakness. Plus, it's 4x weak to Freeze Dry.
Also Shedinja can take damage if something changes or ignores its ability.