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If someone were to use False Swipe on a Shedninja, would it be KO'd or would it just fail? I can greatly assume the answer is " it would just KO Shedninja ", but still I am curious

Forget about Shedinja. It isn't possible for any pokemon to faint by False Swipe, period.

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Shedinja is a Ghost-type Pokémon. It is immune to False Swipe, so the answer is no, it will not EVER KO Shedinja.

What if foresight or soak was used on shedinja?
It would still only leave Shedinja with 1 HP, therefore it would live — but Wonder Guard still blocks it because nothing is weak to Normal.
and then what about gastro acid, worry seed, simple beam, or entrainment?
The ONLY way you can even get False Swipe to hit (and even then, Shedinja would never be KO'D) is Gastro Acid/ Worry Seed/Simple Beam/Entrainment/Mummy + Foresight/Soak. In the end, False Swipe is COMPLETELY useless against Shedinja.
False swipe always leaves the foe with at least 1HP. Shedinja can only have 1HP. Basically it wont do any damage at all, even if you went through all that trouble.
I forgot it was a ghost type whoops XD
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False Swipe is a Normal-type move. Normal types don't even effect Ghost Pokémon anyway, so Wonder Guard wouldn't matter.

The move would fail, but if it could hit Shedinja, Shedinja wouldn't faint. So every aspect of it fails on Shedinja.

ugh curse me and my long checking of grammar and spelling.
I made a good answer but forgot about its Ghost typing XD
I forgot it was a ghost type silly me :P