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Curiousity, since they are "Not Very Effective"...............

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Nope, he's immune to them, none of them have the proper typing.

these moves are not covered by wonder guard:

-Stat altering moves
-weather moves
-status ailment moves like toxic.

it doesn't block moves whose types do not come into play for damage calculation, such as Beat Up, Future Sight and Doom Desire. Fire Fang will also hit even if it is not super-effective. Wonder Guard may not be Skill Swapped or copied with Role Play, but it may be Traced. Spikes and Stealth Rock may also damage a Pokémon with Wonder Guard.

So a hacked spiritomb with Wonder Guard could not be defeated............
There are still a number of ways to take out a hacked spiritomb:
-Using gastro acid or worry seed gets rid of its ability.
-foresight, odor sleuth, or the ability scrappy gets rid of the fighting immunity, exposing the weakness he gets from being a dark type.
-Using Rampardos or pinsir, or any pokemon that would have the ability mold breaker.
-oddly enough, for some reason the move fire fang hits for some reason.
You can still use Toxic or a weather condition..... it will take a few turns obviously, but Spiritomb would fall eventually.
You're right pokemaster, but I already covered that in my answer.
I asking wonder guard question many times! for defeating my friends sableye...