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I mean, it has to go last to Sketch, and one-hit KO moves do exactly what the name implies...so how do you let a Smeargle Sketch Fissure, Guillotine, Sheer Cold, or Horn Drill?

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Two words: Double Battles.

Get into a double battle using a Smeargle and a Pokemon that knows an OHKO move... Let's say it's Lapras. It should go something like this:

The two opposing Pokemon use their moves
Lapras uses an OHKO move... Let's say Sheer Cold... on one of the opposing Pokemon.
Smeargle then uses Sketch on Lapras, thus learning the move.

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Sketch can copy an OHKO move if that move didn't hit the sketch user. I guess the other answer missed this one, just like the OHKO move.
There are a few other ways, such as air balloons, focus sashes, focus bands, sturdy, protect-like moves, endure, and switching the sketch user on a fainted teammate, but I think double battles and misses are the most common.

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Level advantage. OHKO moves never hit a Pokémon that is at a higher level than the user.

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