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I need a fourth move on my Metagross and dont know which one to use
Earthquake has better coverage and accuracy
Meteor Mash is Stab so more power

Right now it knows Zen Headbutt, Ice punch, and Hammer Arm


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For Competitive: Meteor Mash as it is a STAB move that ends up with 150 base power. You might want to replace Hammer Arm for Earthquake though. But both Hammer Arm and Earthquake are pretty equal on Metagross and what you want to use just depends on what you want to hit. Zen Headbutt can also be replaced by Earthquake.

Ingame you'll probably want the set of Ice Punch, Zen Headbutt, Earthquake, and Meteor Mash. Hammer Arm will lower your speed, which is not so desirable as Metagross will otherwise outspeed the foe if it is at a high enough level. This is not a problem in competitive, as Metagross is on the slower end of things.

For against the Elite 4: Meteor Mash, Zen Headbutt, Earthquake, and Thunderpunch

Metoer Mash is powerful enough to take down any foe that is hit neutral by it. So most of the Pokemon of the Elite 4. So that is a must.

You'll want Thunderpunch, as it helps against Will's Slowbro, as well as Lance's Gyarados and Charizard. Earthquake to deal with Lucario from Bruno and Karen's Houndoom, as well as Will's Bronzong (which has the Heatproof ability). For the final move you'll want Zen Headbutt for a strong hit against Koga and Bruno.

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I am trying a solo HG E4 Sweep with it.
Will thunderpunch be more helpfull than ice punch?
Yes it will.