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Hey there!
I just wanted to ask of wether i should have bullet punch instead of meteor mash.

this is the moveset

zen headbutt
meteor mash/bullet punch
hone claws (ACCURACY boost as well as attack)!

for PkMN black ^_^

zen headbutt and meteor mash would be supported on accuracy factor by hone claws so...
priority or power is the question,

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Hmm, well Meteor Mash benefits from the Hone Claws more, and it would do devistating damage with 150 BP after STAB, and a couple of Hone Claws. Bullet Punch is nice because it gets a little damage on the opponent before etagross faints, but it wouldn't be used much more than that. For this set, I think Meteor Mash is the better option, though either move would work well for metagross.

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After STAB and a couple of hone claws, it will be dealing more than 150 BP.
alright thanks! i chose meteor mash.