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• I plan to train a Swords Dancer Scizor that will know Bullet Punch, but I'm not sure what to do with Nature and EVs.
Since it's a Bullet Puncher, should I even consider Speed or disregard it and make it Adamant with no Speed EVs?

Also, for EVs, I'm going to invest 252 in Atk, and maybe 248 EVs in Sp. Defense, and 10 Defense.
Should I invest some EVs in speed?
I'd really appreciate some advice, and tips.
Thank you in advance! ~


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No, A Swords Dance set with Scizor should Never get Evs in Speed. That would just be Evs wasted on. Scizor should be EV trained in 252 ATT, 252 HP, 4 DEF. Of course with the Adamant Nature. People Consider EV Training Scizor in Speed, but I say its a waste. Plus Bullet Punch is a Priority Move, so it will go first.

Hope this helps..

The only small drawback is if a faster pokemon uses a priority move. Having said that, the popular one is ExtremeSpeed which is not very effective against Scizor.
Okay than, thank you very much for the advice!
Thing is, Bullet Punch isn't going to be the only move you are using.
But it can get easily Outspeeded by many Pokemon even if you EV Train.
bullet punch is what scizor is known for.

Its a technican master!