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Okay, you all know my Metagross. Well like most Metagross, it is slow. However it is powerful, which is why it is on my team (being a Steel type). Right now it knows: Explosion, Thunderpunch, Meteor Mash, Earthquake. However, I've been toying with the idea of replacing Thunderpunch. There are four main options, in order from dominance in my thoughts. Please add other suggestions however.

  1. Trick+Iron Ball. Not only does this cripple the opponents Speed, making the low speed of Metagross not a problem, I also get the foe's item, which can help Metagross while severely weakening a foe, especially one who relies on something like Leftovers. Earthquake would also be able to hit Pokemon who are Flying in type or have Levitate.

  2. Keeping Thunderpunch. Just a nice move to deal with the foe.

  3. Agility. Doubles Speed. Works for multiple foes.

  4. Ice Punch. Probably not, but it can do some stuff against Ground types.


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I'd put Agility on it, personally. Many Pokemon would set up Swords Dance or attempt to 2HKO with Earthquake. Use Agility to set up, have Metagross holding a Sitrus Berry or Leftovers for survivability, and with that Speed boost, 60 Speed EVs, and a Neutral nature for Speed, Metagross will outrun most of the unboosted metagame from one turn of setup.

My second choice would be Trick + IB. Trick sets can backfire easily though. If you trick a Choice item onto yourself, then that could be a hassle in sweeping. You could trick yourself an essentially useless item, or even trick a Trick Set Pokemon, and end up with an Iron Ball again. Trick is a move that has to be used very carefully. It's useful, but you almost never get to carry a sweep because of it.

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Ice punch. thats that

Please explain.