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If you max out metagross speed it's decent, plus it can learn agility, so is it more useful to have metagross in a trick room team and replace agility with hammer arm(so trick room works better) plus good move or to have agility metagross?

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I think Agility Metagross' are beast.
If you get an Adamant/Jolly nature Metagross, with an Agility set up,
Metagross can almost demolish anything that comes in.

Metagross really is a great physical tank, but why not make that tank super fast?
A great moveset l use is:
- Agility
- Earthquake
- Meteor Mash
- Explosion

This set works well for me, but the only problem is that l always have trouble getting a chance to set up an Agility, since Metagross is already slow, most other Pokemon will outspeed it.

Explosion is not used in Gen V, so Ice Punch should replace it.
Oh! Sorry, yeah, l forgot to mention that this was for Gen IV. Thanks! ~
No problem :D
dr_clock still seems suspicous, why is this voted down?
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People vote down stuff all the time without reason. After going through all those moveset questions, It's very clear. You can't narrow it down to dr_clock then label it as a suspicion until you have hard evidence.
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It depends on the rest of your team and on how you predict your opponent. If you have a slower team then use trick room.

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Actually Hammer Arm's speed reduction still counts even if you have trick room. The Decrease does NOT turn into a speed boost. Any ways, It would ultimately count on your team because if you use trick room on a fast team, you would just ruin the point of setting up trick room.

actually it does Raquaza i know from personal experiance that hammer arm does affect T-room
yeah it does, In trick room the slower pokemon moves first and if speed decreases in trick room that's a boost.
I think he might mean that it doesn't give you a Speed boost for when Trick Room runs out. So when you come out of Trick Room after using Hammer Arm twice, your Speed won't be +2.