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so can you use it the same turn when you attack and how long will it last?


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Before the release of Expedition, there was something called a Pokemon Power.
>Typically, Pokémon Powers are additional effects that the card's player can trigger once or multiple times during their turn, before they attack.

After the release of Expedition, they were split into Poke Powers and Poke Bodies.
>Poké-Powers are special effects that the player must trigger or announce using.

>A Poké-Body's effect is one that is in effect regardless. The player does not need to announce the use of a Poké-Body, since it is always active.

So basically a Poke Power is a once a turn move, and a Pokebody is a move that is always in effect.

After the release of B & W TCG, Poke power and bodies were combined into one and renamed as Abilities. Abilities are the same as Pokemon Powers, just named differently.


so you dont have to announce it to activate it??
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Poke-body? Poke-power? What are those? :P
I ask this because the bodies/powers have been replaced by what is simple known as "ability".

> Poke-bodies are always in motion, like the body itself. So if an body prevented all other bodies/powers from occurring, you wouldn't have to select it, it would always be there.

> These you do have to select. Like, for example: if you have to flip a coin, and you get heads, you get to draw a card. That would be a poke-power cause you can choose to use it. But it doesn't always have to be played, but they are usually pretty helpful.

> These were just broken in, come the release of Black and White TCG set. Basically they can work as with Poke-Bodies or Poke-Powers. Like Dynomoter is more of a Poke-Power, but it is an Ability while Magic Room is more like a Poke-Body, yet its an ability.
So basically its a combo of the two so its easier to keep track of.

Now, how do they work?
Poke-Bodies, Poke-Powers, and Abilities really shape the battle. Magic room prevents the use of item cards, but the ability is numbed due to Muk's ability (which I forgot, sorry. :( ).
You can select to use things like Dynomoter during your turn as many times as you want, but things like Royal Heal can only be used during in-between turns. Some abilities can be used more then once, like Emboars Inferno Fandango can be used multiple times. Some things come into play when they are used to evolve a Pokemon, like Shifty's ability, but can only be used once, unless you de-evolutionize it.
Other times, when a Pokemon has a status-condition effecting ability (IE: If the defending Pokemon is Poisoned, put 2 damage counters on top of it instead of 1). These things are always in play.

Well.... I think that pretty much sums it up.

~ Rio

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