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I don't use cheats and I missed the event becuase I only figured out how to do them last month. so is there an other one coming or is there a way to get by a glitch.

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The only way would be to organise a trade, either with a friend or online. You can't use the GTS because you can only ask for pokemon you've already seen. And you can't trade key items either (you need Oak's Letter to see Shaymin in the game).

You could use our chat room and see if someone will trade. If you just need the pokedex entry and don't want Shaymin permanently, you could trade then trade back.

Security Tip: If trading temporarily, I would recommend trading a good pokemon just in case the other person is untrustworthy. For example, if I was giving you a shaymin and you gave me a rattata you could keep shaymin and I would lose out. But I would say, only trade a good pokemon like another legendary so you will want to trade back.

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There is a glitch video on Youtube to get Darkrai. I've done it myself, and works fine:

The method of getting Darkrai from this can be done to get Shaymin as well, but it may take some searching. A LOT of searching. Also be aware that your current save file is at risk if you try this.

Other than that, you can try the GTS, just as Pokemaster put it, but other than cheating, there's no other way.

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You can get Shaymin 4 ways on the Game but I Peffer the First 2 on top.
(The other 2 I Know is By Youtube only on Pokemon Diamond,Pearl,Platinum Cheats)

  1. Get Event Item online(Aka: Oak's Letter) from the Mystery Gift and get to Route 224 then Seabreak Pass and Finally Flower Paradise to find Shaymin .

  2. Trade with a Friend that haves 1 Shaymin and will help you on the Pokedex or Doesn't want it anymore.

  3. Cheat using a Pokemon Modifier if you give up. >=^(
    (P.S.: Don't even Think about Giving up already)

  4. Use this Walk through Wall Cheat on Route 224.
    (Do this you Give up Quicker than Expected just to get the Real Shaymin)

Please use the top 2 and do everything the Right Way and don't follow the last 2 or end up like "narwhals1".

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No need to single people out in a crowd, Adam. I know there are lots of people on this site against glitches, but he asked if there was a glitch to get Shaymin, and I provided an answer to it; nothing more.

You make me sound like a low-life, so thanks for the direct insult.
The Reason why on the Insult is Because THERE IS NO GLITCH!!(The only Glitch is the MissingNo and M)
This person that you saw is a Cheater and your just Following it, This is also Known as a Game Hacker!
I am just telling you that the only Glitch out of the Whole Pokemon Series is The MissingNo and M, Even I Happened to Encounter M on Pearl the 4th Gen. Really Shiny Couldn't even Hit it, can't even Catch it.
MissingNo and M are Still in all the Gen. and they are the one and only Glitch that you are Saying
...You forgot about the Mew Glitch, the Cut Glitch, and the other 5 glitched Pokemon. :3

I know all about that stuff, Bro. I can do PVM Modding, HEX coding, and everything like that, so I know what a hacker / cheater can do.

This is a glitch, which is a slip-up in the game that the developers couldn't fix, or never even noticed. It's fair game, and personally, I don't think a glitch should be frowned upon, unless it severely ruins game balance (The floating glitch in MW's Nazi Zombies is a clear example of an unfair glitch).
It Doesn't fix what you put on.
...Doesn't fix what you put on?

That makes little to no sense to me, so whatever. Obviously, I gave such a terrible and stupid answer, so we'll leave it at that.
Every one has there opinion personally I don't like cheating but there is no need to directly insult narwhals. I am sure there many people who do it in much worse ways than him.