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Where to find that person in W2 that checks if your EVs are at Max?

I'm asking because my Frillish has defeated 61 Pokemon that give +1def ev. I have pokerus so thats 61x2= 122 evs into def and to max out def evs I need 252evs. I have been keeping an eye and in the last 7 Pokemon batttles (7x2evs=14evs=3.5increase in def)my def stats had not gone up at all.

I've been leveling it since lev1 from an egg using exp.share. Used no berries or vitamins or shops in join avenue.

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If you call up Bianca on the Xtransceiver, she will offer you the
opportunity to check to see the Happiness of your Pokémon. She will
give statements based on how happy they are and will offer tips to
improve it. In addition to that, she also provides a function of
checking for Effort Values and letting you know if you have filled

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