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when you go to liberty garden in BW 2, a tourist says that a rich man hide Victini in the tower. Who is that excacly ?

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Victini can be seen here.

Victini is unobtainable in BW2. The only fancy stuff in Liberty Garden are a Vending Machine and Professor Juniper.

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First off, Victini is NOT available in B2/W2.

Source: I went to Liberty Garden my self and Bulbapedia/ Victini

To get to Liberty Garden, just take the ferry at the most western pier in Castelia City.

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No, i know i can't find it, but who is the rich man that hide victini ?
Where was this tourist??
he is in Liberty Garden, i think he is a backpacker.
He was most likely refering to Ghetsis.
ok got it , thanks