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Is this allowed? 'Cuz whenever I see a question like this, it's always hidden! Anyway, I'm getting White 2 as a holiday present, and I don't know whether to trash my starter for Torterra or forget about it (I don't like Tepig or Oshawott). Can someone please give me both sides of the argument? Thank you!

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I'd go with Torterra, but you won't be able to trade between games until after you get the first gym badge. Serperior is solid defensively but needs at least a turn or two of setup to actually be useful with any attacks, and with 5 weaknesses that can be a challenge. I suppose it can be a good staller, if you want to play that style, and after a few coils it can become a legit threat offensively, but I like both of the other starters in BW over Serperior, especially Samurott. Also Serperior has a much shallower movepool. Torterra is a much better choice in my opinion.

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this was really helpful! thanks a lot!
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Torterra is slow and very vulnerable to ice.Serperior however is very fast and quick enough to use dragon tail at lv. 100 to get ice types out of the way.
Torterra has a good attack and is a good Pokemon to use earthquake when it is in battle.Good defense too.Serperior is weak in it's attack and defense stats however.

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stone edge is an option
Thats why you switch to a Fire/Rock/Steel/Fighting type when you're up against an Ice type, not that hard.
There is no point having Stone Edge when it will be outsped and OHKO'd by a fast ice type. TBH no point in using him against an Ice type.
not for my Serperior,its at lvl.73 and its attack is 211 and defense is 204 but its speed is 272.
Torterra, not Serperior.
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I would also go with Torterra. Although it isn't the fastest Pokemon in the world it's solid ATCK and DEF stats make a really good starter. I usually use Venusaur or Torterra in the games that I play. (Don't really like the other starters). Serperior is good if you want a speedy Pokemon. Although you can acquire other high speed stated Pokemon in the game anyways.

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I would go with Serperior though its WEAK in the beginning but having a Serperior's speed is great and level it up and train it a lot with coil its defense and attack is great.

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