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Decided to go back to the original Sinnoh games and decided to go for Torterra this time. Then I noticed it has a atrocious 56 base speed, so decided to go for a plus speed nature (obviously), but which plus speed nature works the best on it?

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when a pokemon has a bad stat, there's not really a point in trying to boost it. The general (but flexible) rule for pokemon is to have a nature that boosts it's best stat and lowers it's worst stat.

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Jolly. Unless you are gonna do some sort of mixed set on it, jolly is your best bet since you don't want to reduce your attack because earthquake is a physical move and you have a strong grass stab in wood hammer. Torterra's spa is also significantly weaker compared to its atk stat so jolly is the second best option. If you do decide to use a mixe set, go with naive so that your Torterra can take more physical hits and you don't really want to eat special hits anyway

Having said that, you might want to consider a +atk nature since Torterra is slow anyway so the extra power could come in handy. If you do decided this, use adamant nature

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