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I need it for my Guillotine Excadrill. Hone Claws and...


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There's actually quite a small number. At three moves, it's one of the stats with the lowest amount of moves that boost it.

  • Acupressure, which increases a random stat; including accuracy.
  • Hone Claws, as you mentioned. As well as accuracy, it also boosts Attack.
  • Coil being the last one, which also increases Attack and Defence.

Excadrill can only learn one of the moves, which is Hone Claws.
Also, if this is intended to boost the accuracy of Excadrill's Guillotine, the formula works a bit differently. Accuracy boosts are not taken into account.

Accuracy = ((User's level - Target's level) + 30)%

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Excadrill cant learn coil-so Hone claws is the only option? I don't like acupresseure btw.
Yes. All Excadrill can manage is Hone Claws. But you can boost it with various items and abilities too.
Cool...thanks Fizz.
No worries, glad to help!
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Moves that boost rate of hitting that have not been mentioned are

Odor Sleuth/Foresight/Miracle eye (does not technically improve accuracy but returns foes evasivness to normal so still can cause an easier time hitting the foe)

Mind reader/lock on ensures the next move will hit but cannot be learned by excadrill so in your case this is useless

If you really want to improve accuracy for Excadrill I recommend the move hone claws, the item X Accuracy or if excadrill is slow zoom lens will boost accuracy 20% if he is fast wide lens boosts accuracy 10%.