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1) It has only one scalchop
2) X-Scissor is used with 2 blades or arms


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Game Freak logic. We will never understand it. As I would always say, Game Freak are one of the most naive game developers I know. :P

However, even though there is only one scalchop (a shell mind you) does not imply that it uses it's scalchop to attack. It probably uses its arms. There isn't a 'purely correct' answer, othe than GameFreak's response themselves.

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Does make sense that Dewott can learn it
Dewott can learn it. that makes sense
Yeah, often if a further evo can learn a move, it's younger forms get the move as well.
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This is one of these questions... The obvious answer for easy points that everybody uses is "It's how Game Freak made it"
Well it is either the way it wields it's Scalchop or Game Freak decided to give Oshawott a coverage move against Grass incase you want a Physical Oshawott and therefore you don't want to use Ice Beam.

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